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About The BCA - Bahamian Contractors’ Association

About The BCA

The Bahamian Contractors’ Association (BCA) is the voice of the construction industry in the Bahamas. It was established in 1958 by a group of Bahamian contractors who realized that the collaboration and organization of contractors as well as the adoption of regulation and good practice were necessary to protect and promote the advancement of the local construction industry. What Is The BCA? Today the BCA is a Non-Profit organization that is highly regarded as the recognized representative body for the interests of its members and the construction industry in the Bahamas.

Our core values are very important to us. Words like Respect, Professional Competency, Work Ethics, Integrity, Accountability,  Education, Quality, Teamwork and others you don’t hear too often in this industry. We hope to change this. Our focus is to empower our members with the training and education needed to keep up and grow in this ever changing marketplace. Our members share our values and are like-minded in the direction we would all like to see our industry go.

As an advocacy group, the BCA has been effective in representing the interests of Bahamian contractors in matters regarding international affiliations, trade agreements and foreign competition The BCA represents the construction industry at Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations with the European Union (EU) and at the Coalition of Caribbean Contractors and CARICOM levels.

The BCA was established to provide benefits and services to all trades including residential, commercial contractors and governmental construction professionals as well as real estate and investing professionals. The resources that are not available to them as individual businesses are available through membership with our organization. Our members enjoy savings through buying power, advocacy services, exclusive discounts, unmatched educational offerings and much more.

What We Do

The BCA also seeks to represent and protect the interests of local contractors with regard to Direct Foreign Investment Projects. The Association acts as an interface between developers and local contractors and maintains a continuing dialogue with the Prime Ministers’ Office and the Foreign Investment Board. Bahamian experts in every phase of the development of construction projects can be found within the members

hip of the BCA and through the BCA’s integrated network are positioned to consult with foreign specialists to enhance and expedite investment

projects through local regulations and best practices.


The most important endeavor of the BCA is its lobbying efforts in promotion of the passage of the proposed Contractors’ Bill, which seeks to, for the first time, license, regulate and control the construction contracting industry in the Bahamas.

Visit our lobbying and advocacy  page to learn more.

Consumer Protection

The BCA is also committed to improving consumer protection and elevating construction standards within the Bahamas. To support these efforts the BCA has forged relationships with both domestic and international learning and vocational institutions. It also organizes continuing education for Contractors through its “Contractor Seminar Series”. Further, the standards and testing requirements for pending legislation and licensing requirements are at the core of the BCA’s educational arm.


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