Become a Licensed Contractor

Get Licensed (See what the Contractor’s Bill 2016 Says)

The certification requirements for contractors requires a license in an area of specialization, such as residential or commercial construction, or an area of specialty, such as plumbing or electrical work. If you are interested in becoming a contractor the BCA can guide you.  The new bill also provides a guideline for certification.

The construction industry has more opportunities to start one’s own business than many other industries. These opportunities are available because start-up costs are low, the business does not require special offices and staff can be hired temporarily. Typically, a contractor starts with small projects in order to build a reputation and gradually acquires the equipment and tools necessary to complete jobs. New contractors must stay abreast of cost estimation trends to ensure that they do not under- or over-bid on projects.

Contractors must be good at developing relationships with potential clients, building inspectors and suppliers. In order to protect themselves legally and keep their finances in order, contractors may complete continuing education classes in legal issues and contract writing. They may also hire an accountant or business lawyer.

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